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Hello, welcome to Empire!

Kathleen Miller is Empire's Ballet and Jazz teacher, bringing a wealth of expertise and passion to her classes. Her proficiency in various dance disciplines and skill as a choreographer for our competition team make her an invaluable asset to our studio community.


Want to know more about her? 

Her Story

Meet Kathleen Bostick Miller, a passionate and accomplished dance educator with an unwavering love for the art of dance. Kathleen's journey in the world of dance began at the young age of seven in her hometown of Ocilla. Early on, she received training from local studios, laying the foundation for her future in the world of dance.

After graduating from high school, Kathleen's talent and dedication led her to be accepted into the prestigious dance program at Brenau College in Gainesville, GA. During her time at Brenau, she had the incredible opportunity to dance with the renowned Brenau Dance Ensemble, performing ballet, modern, and jazz works for various demonstrations and community programs, as well as in their annual spring concert. Her time at Brenau also allowed her to work with esteemed teachers and choreographers, including Marcus Alford, Ron Jones, Jack Yantis, Annette Lewis, Penny Burr-Pinson, and Diane Callahan.

Kathleen's passion for dance extended beyond her college education. She became deeply involved with the Gainesville/Brenau Community Theatre, showcasing her talent as Principal Dancer and Dance Captain in Broadway Musicals like "Grease," "Jumpin," "My Fair Lady," and "Salute."

Graduating from Brenau in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ballet Pedagogy, Kathleen became one of the few instructors in Georgia with this specialized teaching degree. Her four-year degree required intense dedication, including a two-year demonstration and internship, as well as in-depth study of dance terminology, history, and choreography.

Following her graduation, Kathleen moved to Atlanta, where she embarked on a fulfilling teaching career. She taught at renowned studios like En Pointe, Backstage, The Dancers Studio, Hutchinson Dance Academy, and Dance Clayton. Simultaneously, she showcased her talent as a dancer with esteemed companies such as Atlanta Dance Company, Dance Theatre of Georgia, and Atlanta Dance Unlimited. Kathleen's exceptional choreography was also recognized by Atlanta-area dance critics, adding to her artistic accomplishments.


Kathleen's journey has now brought her to Empire Dance & Performing Arts Studio, where she is thrilled to continue her love of teaching and sharing the joy of dance with her students. Her wealth of experience, passion, and expertise make her an invaluable asset to our studio community, and we are delighted to have her as a cherished member of the Empire Dance family.

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