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Kathleen Miller

Kathleen Miller

Ballet - Jazz- Contemporary


Zoe' Jarrett

Tap Teacher 

Lauren French Barnette

Lauren Barnette

CEO & Teacher


Emma Peacock

Assistant Ballet & Acro Teacher

Alexendra Christianson Rasmussen

Alex Rasmussen

Office Manager - Teacher


Emily Stanage

Assistant Teacher


Misty Whisman 

Front Desk Manager

Screen Shot 2023-07-26 at 9.32.13 PM.png

Emily Whisman 

Assistant Teacher

At Empire Dance and Performing Arts Studio, we prioritize excellence by providing classes led by highly skilled teachers with professional expertise. Focused on technique and cultivating a sense of professionalism, our goal is to ensure our students shine brightly on stage.

Meet Our Costume Designer

Anna West has been sewing since she was 8-years old. As a child, dressing up

was always her favorite thing to do, and she has turned that into her art. Anna

designs and sews costumes, dresses, outfits, accessories, as well as

alterations. She also styles wigs, draws, paints, sings, plays the piano, ukulele,

and kalimba. Anna has acted on stage in various theatrical productions for over

a decade. Anna joined the Empire team in July 2023 and is loving living out  her dream.


Anna West.jpg
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