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Hello, welcome to Empire!

Introducing Emily Stanage, an invaluable member of our team! With 8 years of experience at Empire, she has blossomed into a skilled dancer, ready to assist with tap classes and any other dance areas as needed. Her journey with us has been filled with leaps and twirls, and we're excited to have her contribute her passion and talent to our studio.


Want to know more about her? 

Her Story

Meet Emily Stanage: A Shining Star at Empire Dance & Performing Arts Studio!
We are thrilled to have Emily Stanage, a talented and dedicated member of our Empire Dance family for the past 8 years. Currently a Senior at CFCA, Emily's journey with us has been filled with remarkable achievements, master class trips to New York, Orlando, & L.A. and memorable performances.

Throughout her time at Empire, Emily has graced our stage in numerous Children's Shows, leaving an indelible mark with her outstanding talent and captivating presence. From bringing the beloved character Elsa to life in Frozen to embodying the iconic Dorothy in Wizard of Oz, Emily's ability to breathe life into her roles has delighted audiences time and again.

Recently, Emily wowed us all with her exceptional portrayal of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, showcasing not only her prowess as an actor but also her impressive vocal and dance abilities.

Beyond her acting and singing talents, Emily's dance skills are truly a sight to behold. Whether she's taking the stage with jazz or tapping to the rhythm, she exudes grace, passion, and artistry, leaving everyone in awe.

As Emily embarks on her Senior year, we couldn't be more excited to have her with us. Her dedication, leadership, and inspiring performances make her a wonderful role model for our younger dancers. We have no doubt that she will continue to shine and make a significant impact at Empire Dance & Performing Arts Studio throughout her Senior year.


With a bright future ahead, we can't wait to see Emily's journey unfold beyond high school. Her exceptional talents and unwavering passion for the performing arts are sure to take her far in the world of theater and beyond.

Let's celebrate Emily's incredible journey and look forward to the fantastic contributions she will make during her Senior year at Empire Dance & Performing Arts Studio!

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