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Hello, welcome to Empire!

Alex Rasmussen is Co-Owner of Empire, CFO, Office Manager, and teacher. She teaches acting class, Level 1 Ballet, and some Jazz classes. 

Want to know more about her? 

Her Story

Meet Alex, a passionate and accomplished performer and educator with a heart full of dreams and a love for the arts. Hailing from Iowa, her journey into the world of musicals and singing began in middle school, igniting her lifelong passion for the stage.


In high school, she embraced theatre classes, exploring the realms of Improv and acting, which further fueled her artistic ambitions. Her senior year marked a pivotal moment when she auditioned and was accepted into AMDA in NYC, embarking on an exhilarating adventure in the Big Apple. At AMDA, Alex immersed herself in the world of Singing, Dancing, Acting, Musical Theatre, Improv, Film/TV acting, auditioning, and more, honing her skills to perfection.


After graduation, she set her sights on Orlando, where she fulfilled her dream of being an actress at the Holy Land Experience, portraying various biblical characters and animals (we all have to pay our dues) at theme parks like Sea World and Universal.


However, her heart yearned for something more - teaching. Embracing her newfound passion, she joined an acting school in Orlando, guiding her students in scenes, monologues, commercials, and songs, opening doors to agencies and opportunities. One of her remarkable students, Millie Brown (now Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things), went on to achieve great success, inspiring Alex to share her love for teaching with others.


From Orlando to Cordele, she ventured, and in 2015, opened the studio in Cordele and it became her cherished haven. Alex feels blessed every day, surrounded by her family and Empire Dance & Performing Arts Studio family. In Cordele, she imparts her expertise in acting, audition skills, improv, and jazz, igniting the spark of creativity and guiding her students to shine brightly on and off the stage.

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