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Meet Zoe' Jarrett, our talented tap teacher and private dance instructor! With over 5 years of dedicated study in her craft, Zoe' has honed her skills and passion for dance. Her pursuit of performance education has taken her on exciting journeys from L.A. to London, enriching her artistry and expertise.


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Her Story

Meet Zoe Jarrett: Our Dynamic Tap Teacher and Multifaceted Performer!
We are thrilled to introduce Zoe Jarrett, a beloved member of the Empire Dance & Performing Arts Studio family! For nearly six years, Zoe has been an integral part of our community, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts and stages.

Throughout her time with us, Zoe's dedication to her craft and boundless talent have been evident in her exceptional performances. She has graced the Empire stage in numerous productions, taking on captivating roles like Emily Webb in Our Town, Mary Hatch in It's A Wonderful Life, Race in Newsies, Margot and Brooke Wyndham in Legally Blonde, and even a Muse in Hercules, to name just a few. Her versatility and passion for storytelling through the arts have left audiences in awe.

Beyond the studio, Zoe has been an enthusiastic participant in our exciting trips to L.A. and London/Paris. Engaging in amazing master classes and expanding her horizons, Zoe's hunger for growth and exploration shines through. In recent years, she has developed a deep love for Tap, a dance form that has become an integral part of who she is as a performer.

Zoe' is our Level 2, 3, & 4 Tap teacher. Teaching has become a true pleasure for her, as she imparts her love for Tap and nurtures her students' passion for dance. Zoe's dedication, creativity, and infectious enthusiasm make her an exceptional teacher, and we know her future students will be in excellent hands.

As she approaches the milestone of graduating high school, Zoe's aspirations are set on pursuing a career in Musical Theatre, where her talent and determination will undoubtedly shine brightly. With her unwavering spirit, she's sure to "tap" to the beat of her own drum, leaving an indomitable mark on the stage and the hearts of all who have the pleasure of witnessing her performances.

Let's celebrate Zoe's remarkable journey with Empire Dance and look forward to her bright future as she continues to inspire us all through her artistry and passion for the performing arts.

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