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Hello, welcome to Empire!

Meet Emma, our incredible assistant ballet and acro teacher! With a big heart for the little ones, she is thrilled to witness their growth and development in the world of dance. She has traveled far and wide to gain her knowledge, along with being a student at Empire for over seven years!


Want to know more about her? 

Her Story

Meet Emma, a true shining star at Empire Dance & Performing Arts Studio! From a young age of four, Emma's passion for dance ignited, and as she grew, so did her love for acting and singing, which she began at the age of 8. Throughout her journey with us, Emma has graced the stage in almost every show Empire has put on, leaving a lasting impact with her exceptional talent.

Emma's dedication to honing her skills in dance, acting, and singing is evident as she enthusiastically takes every dance class our studio offers. Her love for the stage is palpable, and she thrives in the spotlight, captivating audiences with her

Emma's journey with Empire Dance has taken her to incredible places, from the glitz of Los Angeles to the theatrical grandeur of London and the magical wonder of Orlando. Her commitment to her craft has allowed her to embrace unique experiences and grow as an artist and performer.

What truly sets Emma apart is her passion for working with children. She adores the opportunity to see young minds bloom as they learn and discover new things. It's no surprise that she has been a cherished mentor to many of our younger dancers, leaving a positive impact on their lives and inspiring them to explore the world of performing arts.
As Emma's time at Empire Dance continues, we are excited to witness her journey beyond the studio. Upon graduating high school, she aspires to pursue her dream of becoming a preschool teacher, embracing her love for working with kids and fostering their growth and development.

Emma's bright spirit, unwavering commitment, and genuine love for her craft and our studio family make her a treasured member of the Empire Dance community. We are proud to have her as part of our talented ensemble, and we know she will continue to shine brightly as she ventures toward a promising future.

Let's applaud Emma's achievements and celebrate her bright future ahead!

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